Dear friends of Gaia

What an amazing Winter we have had at Gaia! Some trees had damage from the ice storm and all the green ones seem to have enjoyed the long rest.  We hope to soon glimpse little tips of daffodils and hyacinths poking their green tips up through the winter snow.


The Year of the Horse is upon us and we welcome her transformational energy. Spring offerings at Gaia are listed below. Don’t forget we still have Wednesdays yoga class at 5:30 p.m. in the Centerspace, $10/drop in or $50/7 sessions with Moo Briddell, certified yoga instructor.


April 2014


April 9 SPRING CLEANSE Orientation night. 7-8:30 p.m.

Learn how to detox and rejuvenate safely and sanely. Get rid of the winter sludge and extra pounds. Call 301-829-1822 and speak with Shawn for more information or email us at gaiahealing@wildblue.net. $60/person


April 25-27,2014 Vets Journey Home

Do you know a veteran?

   Do you know a veteran that is hurting?

   Do you want to help that veteran and don’t know how to?


Vets Journey Home (VJH) can help.

 VJH offers a weekend program designed to heal the emotional wounds associated with war and it is free to all participants.

When combat veterans return home they have important stories to tell. Stories that need to be heard, without judgment, to heal the anger, the grief and the fear. Often friends and families are uncomfortable asking about the war.  The result is the pain within the vet’s soul remains unprocessed. This can lead to nightmares, alcohol and drug addictions, broken families, isolation and even suicide.

Vets Journey Home creates a safe secure container in which the wounds of war can be healed.  Staffed by other veterans and civilians, men and women, whose intention is confidentiality, healing and honoring.

Appropriate candidates for Vets Journey Home
Combat veterans, peace-time veterans, in-country or mainland, any time or engagement. Any veteran, male or female, still feeling emotional pain connected to military service is welcomed to the Vets Journey Home.

War impacts us all – individually and as a society.  This is an opportunity to be involved in healing the wounds of war for all of our society and really “support our troops”



Call for participants & staff (men and women)
. Go on-line to our website to register

A non-profit 501C3 corporation

the Vets Journey Home weekend is free to veterans and supported by donations from individuals and businesses who want to support our vets and their healing. All leaders and staff are experienced and dedicated volunteers and 100% of donations go to program deliverables. To make a donation, contact Robin Stauffer @ rstauffer1@mac.com.

For more information: Robin Stauffer (rstauffer1@mac.com), phone 571-643-9462
3. Dave Shepardson (dave@shepardson.org), phone 410-991-5646
4. Teresita Fawcett (teresita,fawcett@gmail.com)